Writers Guidelines - Connections

Welcome to our writers' guidelines. Connections is a magazine for evangelical Lutheran Christians. It is published six times each year, with expanded editions at Christmas and Easter. We publish articles from 200 to 1,200 words in length.

If you have an idea or topic you would like us to consider for an article, tell us about it. Every submission is considered. If your proposed article is of interest, we will contact you within 30 days. Query letters are appreciated but not required.


Please read our guidelines carefully before submitting your article, photo or artwork. If you have additional questions after reading the guidelines, please contact Mark Ryman. Please do not email questions or submissions until you have carefully studied our writer's guidelines.

Connections prefers to accept submissions by email. Please put "Submission" in the subject line. Writers without access to email may mail queries to: Sola Publishing, Attention: Connections, PO Box 855, Graham, NC 27253. All queries and manuscripts received by mail will be evaluated, but cannot be returned.

When submitting your article or manuscript, please follow these guidelines:

1) Include your name, address, and phone number in the upper-left corner of the first page. Note the word count in the upper-right corner. Center the title 1/3 of the way down the page, followed by your byline.
2) Type manuscripts, double-spaced, with paragraph indentations and spacing between paragraphs.
3) Include a biographic sketch of 30-35 words at the end of the article.
4) Include Scripture references for any Biblical quotations after the final quotation mark, with a period after the final parenthesis mark. [Example: “God so loved…life" (John 3:16 NIV).]  Please indicate which translation of Scripture you are using.
6) Capitalize the first letter of all pronoun references to God.
7) Email manuscripts to the editor as an attachment, not as the body of the email text. Preferred format is a Microsoft Word document.
8) Submission of a manuscript, photo, or artwork constitutes permission to publish. All submissions are subject to editing. We ask for one-time print publication rights, and the right to include your published submission in our annual archive edition, available on CD or online. If an article meets our criteria, we reserve the right to hold it for a future issue. Authors maintain full rights to their work after publication.

Article Specifications

We appreciate receiving articles of 800–1,000 words, 1,000–1,200 words, or 1,200–1,500 words. The themes of our remaining 2018 issues are as follows:

July-August 2018: First Article of the Creed

September-October 2018: Second Article of the Creed

November-December 2018: Third Article of the Creed

Your articles my be thrological, biblical, missional, eccesiological, or devotional in nature, but must refer specifically to the theme of the issue. For example, you might want to tell our readers about a ministry that has worked well at your church. We ask that your article tell how your ministry dealt broadly with creation, redemption, sanctification. or more specifically with a certain aspect of the Creed.

Download issue themes for the next three years.


Please Note:

We are unable to compensate writers for submissions. However, authors will receive a byline and bio for each article featured in Connections. Authors will also receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which their article appears and special pricing on extra copies.

The editors of Connections reserve the right to edit your manuscript for clarity and space, and to reject any article at any stage of our editing/production process.  Please specify whether you own photographs related to your proposed article.

Thank you for considering a submission to Connections!