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Youth Resources

Sola Publishing provides a growing selction of resources (below) written specifically for youth and family ministry. In addition, for those interested in supporting and enhancing their congregation's ministry with young people, Sola Publishing recommends:

Faith Webbing (
Based on their years of experience in youth and family ministry, Gary and Laurie Pecuch created as a result of the requests they received asking for advice on youth ministry. Faith Webbing web-based youth ministry coaching service that is both intergenerational and family-oriented, building faith skills and developing spiritual disciplines in the lives of children and youth. The Pecuch's two books, Faith Webbing and What's In Your Bag? (Outcome Based Youth Ministry), are available through Sola Publishing (below).

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The Forgotten King F-H310
by Tom Hilpert
$10.99 / each
The Life of Martin Luther Children's Coloring & Storybook L-2020
Written & Illustrated by Steven E. King
$5.99 / each
The Adventures of Martin Luther (Youth Drama) L-3020
This simple musical drama was written for youth to tell the story of Martin Luther's adventures.
$9.99 / each
My New Bible: An Information and Activity Book S-3050
My New Bible An Information and Activity Book for Elementary-Aged Students - prepared for use with The American Bible Society's   "The Holy Bible Children's Illustrated Edition" CEV* By Rev. Steven E. King This five-session study is intended for use in Su
$6.99 / each
The Attributes of God S-9020
The Attributes of God: A Book for Children is a wonderful way to teach concepts about God to little children.
$15.00 / each
The Bagirmi Bible Creation Story S-9030
The Bagirmi Bible Creation Story is an illustrated version of Genesis chapters one, two, and three.
$35.00 / each
My Zoe Journal (Girl's Journal) T-1120
My Zoe Journal is intended to help teenage girls discover themselves by experiencing real life in Jesus Christ.
$4.99 / each
Ambidextrous Christianity - Leader's Guide W-1715
Ambidextrous Christianity is a nine-session Bible study that looks at key questions of faith and life.
$8.99 / each
Truth Seeker: Battle Againt the Lies (PC CD-ROM) Y-0930
The designer/programmer for this educational software is LCMC Pastor Peter Churness! Description: Where will your power come from in the battle against the lies?
$19.95 / each
Letters to a Young Christian Y-1010
Sola has several projects currently in development, which are aimed at the High School (post-confirmation) age level. The first of these is available for the fall of 2012; look for more to come! Letters to a Young Christian A Ten-Week Bible Study for Yout
$9.99 / each
Personalities of Faith - Vol 1 (Leader) Y-6015
Personalities of Faith - Leader's Guide Part One: Called by God
$9.99 /
Personalities of Faith - Vol 2 (Youth) Y-6020
Personalities of Faith - Vol. 2 is a ten-session Bible study for youth.
$9.99 / each
Personalities of Faith - Vol 2 (Leader) Y-6025
Personalities of Faith - Part Two: Gathered by God by Rev. Dr. Amy C. Little is a 10-session Bible study for youth on real people from Scripture who were called by God to live a life of faith.
$9.99 / each
Faith Webbing (Children and Youth Ministry) Y-P120
We call it faith webbing. Our vision is to wrap our children and youth in a web of faith so loving and caring that they will know Christ and always want to be a part of a local congregation.
$10.99 / each
What's in Your Bag? (Outcome-Based Youth Ministry) Y-P130
What's in Your Bag? lays a foundation for the development of 30+ Faith Skills in young people; faith skills that will enable youth to live out their personal calling in life.
$15.49 / each