Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord (Lenten Sermon Series, Vol 1)

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Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord
Lenten Sermon Series - Volume I

space-shuttle-clip-art-9.pngby David Brobston, Amy Little and Kathleen Suggitt

This Lenten Sermon Series booklet provides the background and thematic resources to allow a preacher to put together a five-week sermon series for Lent. The booklet uses a unique approach called the "Telemetry Method" for preaching, to help visualize each sermon: beginning with the launching point for the sermon, two nodal points along the trajectory of the message, the place where the good news touches the human heart by connecting believers to the heart of Christ, and then the landing place, which represents the sermon's conclusion. Also provided are "thoughts to ponder," theological reflection, as well as sample bulletins and hymn suggestions, making it easy to plan an entire Lenten series.

Weekly Themes:
1. Jesus Meets Us in Unexpected Places (John 4, The Woman at the Well)
2. Jesus Meets Us in Unexpected Invitations (John 1, Philip Invites Nathanael)
3. Jesus Meets Us in Expected Yet Unrecognized Places (Luke 24, Two Men on the Road to Emmaus)
4. Jesus Meets Us in Our Everyday Lives (Matthew 9, Jesus Calls a Tax-collector)
5. When Did We See You Lord? (Matthew 25, Our Questions Answered)

(Paperback; 36 pages)

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