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In the New Testament, there is no offering or service or work that merits Godís favor ex opere operatoóon account of the work that has been done or the service rendered. More
There it is; this is the problem. When we base our positions on traditions, we end up with opinions. When our beliefs come from Godís Word, how can we do anything but oppose human opinions that are contrary to his Word? More
From what I can tell as a Lutheran pastor, the great theology of the Lutheran Confessions is lost to the church today and as such, I think many Lutherans are rudderless... More
Coming Advent 2013: Sola Online Worship Resource! We are doing something different from other sources out there, in order to provide our congregations with worship-support materials they actually need and use -- grounded in a sound, biblical Lutheran theology, and offered at a reasonable price. As we develop our new Online Worship Resource Site, we have a clear vision for what we are doing and what we are not doing. We're not using ... More

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