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We have re-organized and expanded our SOWeR hymns and music page, not only making it more searchable but also adding much more information for our subscribers. Each hymn on our site now has its own web page,with text-only lyrics for use in bulletins and overhead projection, downloadable image files with words and music, lead sheets with guitar chords, as well as pdf files of full hymn scores from the ReClaim Hymnal.

This is a work in progress; it will take some time to complete all of the hymns. Be sure to check back as our online repertoire of music keeps growing!

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O Jesus, Let My Eyes Be Opened

Public Domain

Lead Sheet (PDF)

melody and chords for guitar and voice (full page)

Key of Bb

Full Score (PDF)

four-part score for piano and organ (can be used as half-sheet bulletin insert)

Key of Bb

Music Image (PNG)

melody and words as an image file to paste into bulletins (cropped)

Key of Bb
Text: Carolina Sandell Berg, trans Gracia Grindal
Music: Heinrich Pfell
Tune: O Jesu Apne Du Mit Oye
LBW/WOV Hymn: #n/a
ReClaim/Sola Hymn: #45
Category: Invocation;    Theme: Comfort
Scripture: Ephesians 4:7

1 O Jesus, let my eyes be opened,
So I can see what I've been giv'n:
That I've a Father in the highest
Whose Father's heart would give me heav'n, ​
Whose Father's heart would give me heav'n

2 I have a brother high in heaven
At God's right hand, who cares for me.
He sends his grace, so overflowing
As wide as God's eternity,
​As wide as God's eternity.

3 I have a solace for my sorrow,
A comforter and help for good.
I have eternal life forever,
Eternal peace in Jesus' blood,
Eternal peace in Jesus' blood,

4 I have a life, yes, life abundant,
The richest grace, yes, it is true.
I have a crown of life more glorious,
A heritage that's always new,
A heritage that's always new.

5 O Jesus, come, make clear my vision,
So I can see your glory shine,
And never lose your great salvation,
All you have giv'n to make it mine,
All you have giv'n to make it mine.