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Information & Description Page

This page provides information and samples of the Sola Online Worship eResource, along with links to descriptive documents and videos showing how the resource can be used in a parish setting.

Free Informational PDFs:

To Order a Subscription:

Call 1-888-887-9840 to order a yearly subscription. The price per year is based on the average worship attendance for a congregation or multi-point parish:

Attendance   Subscription
Avg. 1-49   $130 per year
Avg. 50-99   $160 per year
Avg. 100-199   $190 per year
Avg. 200-299   $220 per year
Avg. 300-499   $250 per year
Avg. 500-999   $280 per year


Congregations with active subscriptions have permission to download, photocopy, and reproduce materials from the site for their local needs.

Introductory Video

Click on the picture above for a video overview introducing the SOWeR website.

Click HERE for additional "How To" videos

Sample from the Site

The link below allows you to download a sample of the many resources provided for each Sunday of the Church Year.

Advent and Christmas Samples

Use the links below to download additional sample resources from the SOWeR website.

Bulletin Template: LBW Setting 1 (rtf)

Liturgy: Holy Baptism (pdf)

Simple Praise Hymn: Beautiful Savior (pdf)

Screenshots of Sections

(Click section headers below to view screenshot)

Weekly Worship

In this section you will find individual worship planning pages for each Sunday of the lectionary year, including lesson inserts, prayers, text studies and hymn suggestions.

Seasonal Pages

In this section you will find worship planning pages (as above) packaged for an entire Season of the Church year, with additional suggestions and downloads for that season.

Bulletin Templates

In this section you will find editable document templates for various settings of the liturgy, to use as the basis for creating bulletins.

Liturgies & Services

In this section you will find preformatted liturgies, inserts, and orders of worship for regular and occasional services, copy-ready for duplication.

Hymns & Music

In this section you will find a limited selection of music for use in worship, drawing primarily upon texts and music in the public domain.